Thursday, October 21, 2010


vintage jacket
gina tricot shirt
topshop pants
vintage bag
acne shoes

photos by tasha

Not trying to make any political statement with my new awesome super vintage jacket, just thought I would attempt two trends in one, that would be the aviator and patch jacket.. it tells a story just by looking at it.. would you leave this hanging on the hanger if you spotted it at a vintage market? What ever you are thinking the answer is no.

the acneshoeoverkill here on the blog (sorry) drove me shoe shopping today........ I did not buy shoes to be exact... but something related... got you confused? I'll show you soon, as I'll be wearing them to my surprise birthday party tomorrow. My real bday is not until the 29th but I have been told to be ready tomorrow at 7.30. I have no idea but can't wait! lt's just hope I don't F up my new flowers.... (?)

I am excited to introduce a new extremely mature twitter series that I am starting called - that's what she said of the day - because I can not ignore all the double meaning messages all around me. I also need you input so please tweet/send me your pictures! Need more guidance? please check this clip and you'll get the drill...... when you start looking out for it... they-are-everywhere.

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