Saturday, October 16, 2010

Diy alexander wang velvet legwarmers

Well hello you all, your about to witness my first diy here on 5 inch and up! we are talking flair, wang 'inspired' velvet legwarmers!.. I know he did not exactly do them like this, but you get the point.. as a design student I should maybe do more things like this.. so let me know if you like it! okey so on to the project.. btw. retarded with diy's? no worries this is the easiest one you've seen I promise..

you need a pair of leggings in a bigger size... and you can do this with any leggings.. velvet, cotton or what the hell, even leather if you like (uuh that would be nice...)

the whole point is to wear them ''the wrong way'' so they are wider at the ankle.. get it??

start with:
a pair of leggings, mine are size uk 16, dark blue, from topshop (they have these in black and red aswell..)

lay them down and cut the leg part off, high up or depends how long you want them to be..

take the raw edges and fold, iron..

fold again and pinn..

sew a straight line... machine or by hand..


and on... wear with chinky heels - wang effect achieved.

yeah! so there you go!! I'll post them with and outfit soon....

ps. WAIT! did I just accidentally just make my self a pair of velvet hotpants?! I think so!!


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