Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hard to chase but good to catch

zara waistcoat
weekday skirt as dress
martin margiela bracelet
lindex affordable luxury cuff

pictures by stefanie

Even up til the time me and my sister stopped by this field, I could not quit nagging about the fact that she should donate this old zara waistcoat to me... The perfect cut and simple shape... I am kicking myself for not getting it a few years back. Just like I am still angry I did not manage to get my hands on the beautiful choker necklace version of the lindex cuff I paired here with a long time favorite, margiela bracelet. My sister is not giving in to my demands and apparently lindex pulled the chokers for safety reasons... I now want these illegal bastards 100 x more. Or I should try remaining happy with my existing things, which really should not be a problem.

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